10th May 2011  
Bully Boy - A new play by Sandi Toksvig

Major Oscar Hadley is flown to the front line to probe allegations of severe misconduct within a self-styled ‘Bully Boy’ unit of the British army. When young squaddie, Eddie Clark, from Burnley is interrogated Oscar begins to discover that ‘truth’ in a modern insurgency can be a point of view rather than a fact.

Sandi Toksvig tackles the challenging moral issues of contemporary military occupation and its effect on the mental health of serving soldiers. She asks the question, ‘What makes a hero?’ In this ferociously gripping story, Sandi Toksvig writes with startling insight and tenderness about the minds of soldiers. .

Dates: 10 – 28 May 2011
Times: 7.30pm & 3pm Sat 28 May

Place: The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

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